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Jan 20, 2013 6:30 PM CST
New Official LMCTF Map Pack Released
Updated by ridd Jan 20, 2013

A new map pack of official maps lmctf31 through lmctf49 is now ready for your enjoyment!

New Maps:
lmctf31 = lmctfreunion by Nataq
lmctf32 = solar pillars remake by suckmonkey
lmctf33 = rocky rails remake by suckmonkey
lmctf34 = old forts remake by suckmonkey
lmctf35 = the cauldron by suckmonkey
lmctf36 = chilly's base remake by suckmonkey
lmctf37 = gunslingers by Nataq
lmctf38 = the rage ctf by suckmonkey
lmctf39 = bletey's blues remake by suckmonkey
lmctf40 = the chastity belt ctf by suckmonkey
lmctf41 = lmairline by Nataq
lmctf42 = versus by Nataq
lmctf43 = midnight minions by Jabberwock
lmctf44 = samurai castles remake by Nataq
lmctf45 = re-enchanted kingdom by suckmonkey
lmctf46 = warehouses by Jivc
lmctf47 = ritual by Nataq
lmctf48 = shelters war by Nataq
lmctf49 = the beyond by Nataq

Download : q2lmctfmaps2012.zip (31.6MB)


FINAL RELEASED JAN 20, 2013 - Final release of 2012 pak projects includes lmctf48 and 49 from Nataq. Re-download and extract to your lmctf folder with overwrite enabled to update your maps with a new pak containing all maps above.

Extract to your lmctf folder. This zip will also update some existing ent files to fix some bugs and also includes an updated maplist.txt, so allow overwriting if prompted. New versions lmctf02a, lmctf05b and smap31a also included. If you don't play using the r1q2 client, you may need to extract the pak itself to your lmctf folder.

Cheers mappers, you are legendary! Huge thanks to suckmonkey, Nataq, Jabberwock and Jivc for this SOLID match-ready pak of new maps!!!

Apr 4, 2012 11:00 PM CST *UPDATED Jan 21, 2013*
New LMCTF Complete Install
Updated by ridd

After some discussion in the facebook group, finally made a single zip file including *everything* with the end goal a painless return to LM for those wishing to get back into playing.

This new zip includes all the map paks ever made for LMCTF along with the new seedless map pak and recently-completed pak of new official maps lmctf31 through lmctf49. Also includes a scaled-back VK/Sac pak9.pak which has the custom Mongusta sounds, Nataq's new quad/armor/shield timers & additional team radio sounds, along with 3 new custom crosshairs used by Nataq, Silk & riddla. Relocated all the readme files in the lmctf folder into a single readmes folder and also included shortcuts and utils folders including pak explorer, pakscape & quake server browser in addition to Nataq's 2012 mapping tools. The r1q2 client engine and r1gl video renderer are also included for improved netcode, anti-cheat, game physics and most importantly: support for widescreen resolutions.

Download : LMCTF_COMPLETE_2012.zip (230MB)

1. You'll need Quake 2 installed (available on Steam)
2. Extract/unzip LMCTF_COMPLETE_2012.zip to your Quake 2 folder
3. Check out the autoexec.cfg example files on the LMCTF wiki as a basis for your own custom autoexec.cfg (a sample is included).

The shortcuts folder in your lmctf directory will have options for launching the game via a windows shortcut using the r1q2 enhanced client. Additional shortcut launch options -- i.e. launching with r1gl, connecting to servers, sending passwords on connect, etc -- are detailed on the wiki.

Feb 29, 2012 8:30 AM CST
New LMCTF Wiki
Updated by ridd

Suckmonkey has started a Q2 LMCTF wiki for helping players get back into the game - check it out here.

If you'd like to contribute, sign up for a wikidot account then drop by the Facebook Group and post your wikidot username to request edit access. Happy Leap Day 2012!

Feb 1, 2012 12:00 PM CST
LMCTF Resurgence...on Facebook!
Updated by ridd

July 4, 2002 12:00 PM ET
Website Finished
Updated by Mr. White

It took me longer than expected, but I've finally got the help, features and maps pages up. Sorry for any inconvenience. In other news, I played my first game of LMCTF in what seems like a decade last night. Oh boy was it fun! Oh boy do I ever suck ;-)

Happy 4th of July to all you Yanks out there. Happy fraggin'.

July 1, 2002 9:20 AM ET
LMCTF Resurgence
Updated by Mr. White

It's been several years since this site has been updated but it seems a lot of folks have taken to playing LMCTF again recently. With that in mind, I've redesigned the old site to provide players with all the info they need to play. Check out the links on your left and the pages on your right. If you have any questions or wish to submit news, please email me.

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