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Loki's Minions Capture the Flag was the first CTF mod ever released for Quake2. The first version, created by Jormungard of Clan Loki's Minions, came out the day after the Q2 source-code was released. In the months that followed, various artists and programmers joined the team to work on what would eventually become version 3.0 - a CTF mod with a ton of features and custom maps. LMCTF was highly successful. For a while, it was even more popular than id's own Q2CTF. The next few years would bring new team members, 2 new versions (4.0 & 5.0), plus thousands of people playing LMCTF on hundreds of servers.

LMCTF Features

Offhand Grappling Hook
The offhanded hook allows you to grapple while keeping another weapon in your hand. Fly through the air, collecting frags the whole time. It's fun as hell.

Plasma Rifle
A new weapon that has 2 types of fire: spread and bounce plasma. The plasma Rifle uses cells as ammo.

Advanced Team-Radio and Voice sounds
At the push of a button you can send important messages to you team mates or yell something at a passer by. Radio and Voice sounds can be very useful for coordinating your team actions. LMCTF also supports 3rd party voice sounds of which there are several.

Flag Model & Animated Artifacts
We're the only CTF mod to have our own flag and the first to use animated runes, errrr, artifacts (Strength, Shield, Haste, & Regen). LMCTF also sports it's own offhand grappling hook model with new sounds.

Improved Autotext & Position Info
One keystroke tells you (or your team) the location of your flag carrier or name the player in front of you. We have written precise position descriptions for our 30 maps .

The LM Compass
Allows players to use the compass to automatically point to enemy flag.

The LMCTF Maps
LMCTF offers 49 original maps plus support for Q2 single player, Q2 DM, Q2CTF and all 3rd party CTF maps.

3 Sets of Capture Sounds
Servers can choose 3 distinct sets of capture sounds: Wolf/Lion, Cops/Robbers, Demons.

30 Custom Skins
LMCTF offers 3 skinsets to choose from making for a total of 30 different skins.

Clan Models and Skins
LM is the only game that dynamically downloads and selects player models, skins & sounds, adding new depth to CTF and DM. This means Clan Predator may play Clan Alien and it will look and sound like aliens and predators brawling. Add-ons can be mixed on the fly.

Squad Board
This is an advanced feature, which should prove extremely useful for clan matches. It allows team mates to identify themselves as offense, defense or roaming. Teammates can assess the readiness of their team by looking at an easy to read display.

Observer Options
Players have the choice of free roaming or chace-cam observer modes. You can also observe all or choose to observe only 1 team.

Four Observer Camera Modes
We have a smooth-action chase camera that glides behind a person like a movie shot would; an over-the- shoulder-cam, a free-floating-cam and the butt-cam; it shows what yer arse sees! It's a riot to watch defenders chasing a flag thief.

Tournament Mode for CTF, DM and Team DM
LMCTF has an easy to use Tournament Mode for Clan Matches. Referees are temporary rcons who can set matches, kick players, assign teams, freeze games, & can also play. Voice & text countdowns mark the pre/post match periods, allowing all to retrieve stats.

Menu Interface for Referee & Sysop
GUI menus eliminate the need for server commands. Type your p-word & all server controls are set w/menus. We support player banning too! :-)

Full Rcon support
LM is the only mod that allows you to reopen a closed server while off-site, in addition to gui menus rcon control.

Practice Mode with new skins
Offensive/Defensive/Rover skins don't affect actual armor but they show just who's on O & D. Practice mode lets referee calm the excitable players by freezing the game. Clans may practice with one flag in order to concentrate their strategies on a single base.

Full Gibstats support and MVP
We'll give ya stats till you puke! An MVP for offense and defense; see how everyone else is doing and against whom, clients may retrieve stats as easily as rcon or referee.

Scores memory, ping alert, handicaps
Winning team players switch without losing points, "the disconnected" may rejoin on same side with their score! The ping alert monitors matches for unfair pings. A scoring handicap also helps outnumbered teams (optional).

Weapon Balance
LMCTF offers it's own weapons balance for servers who wish to use it.

Demo Analyzer
We've included a utility that will extract stats from any Q2 demo file.

LMCTF Credits

Jormungard, Surt, Hati, Batstone, Hati, Skwid, Roadhog, Vampire

Mr White, Vampire, Der Kommissar, Chrono Kid, Zugzug, Schmitz, Phats, Golney, Tesh, Suicide20, Shadowdane, Jivc, Zodiak

Models and Skins
Gooseman, Jormungard, Stecki

Textures, Graphics, Skies
Wicked, Brad Klann, Der Kommissar, Stecki, Grimlok, Mr White, Chrono Kid, Suicide20, Gooseman, Jivc, Shadowdane

Mr White, Der Kommissar

Add-on Pak Coordination
Der Kommissar, Ed Hunter, Grendel

Unix Ports
Michael Dwyer, Zoran Lasovski

IDDA code
Fabian Huester

Thanks to Chris Beemer, Sue Gardner, Aisling Sampson, Amy Turner, & Tara Williams for their voice recordings; to Clan Loki's Minions, DT, CBD, HeyMoe, NR, LM, 3C, IT and Nachos.net for the use of their machines for testing; to KnightMB (Michael Brown) and Intruder TVi for extensive independent testing and bug reports


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